Stock Tank Uses

Stock tanks and their uses are very multifaceted. Look closely and you will find them being utilized just about everywhere you go. Obviously tanks are used to hold stuff but you may be surprised at how resourceful some people are in putting their stock tank to use.

The most common use of a stock tank is to hold water. In many southern states you will find families during the hot summer months turning a stock tank into a makeshift swimming pool to provide some comfort for their kids. Although it may be much smaller than the pools found at most community centers or YMCA’s, anything that will let children splash around will be appreciated by them. Stock tanks have proven to be much more durable than the inflatable mini pools that can be purchased at most big box stores. Inflatable pools are susceptible to puncture from many items commonly found in a backyard from sprinkler heads to yard darts.

Farmers use stock tanks to feed their livestock. They are large enough so that many animals can circle around the tank and simultaneously eat grain or feed. Several well placed stock tanks can feed an entire ranch. Some stock tanks come in the form of a trough in which animals all line up next to each other. This type of tank is best when animals feed from a stall rather than roaming freely in an open area.

Tanks are also heavily used in mining operations. Miners generally need to move and sort through massive amounts of earth in order to extract the minerals, ore, or metals. Containers that can filter out the unwanted materials are required. Stock tanks can be modified by drilling to become effective screens that can catch particular elements. Large miners and refiners of rare earth metals use gigantic sized tanks to accomplish their work.

Most likely, you will be able to put a stock tank to use sooner or later. These are very handy items to have immediately available. When the time does arrive for you to put one to use you most likely will not want to have to rely on availability of transportation to deliver it or risk having them be out of stock. Keep this in mind and look to pick one up the next time you see one on sale.


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