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A stock tank heater is used to make sure your animals and livestock have drinking water during the entire winter, without fear of ice getting in the way. When the winter ice gets too thick, your livestock might be deprived of the much needed water, and you just can’t stay around to break the ice all the time for them. Deicers and stock tank heaters will get the water’s temperature up, as long as you use them in the proper way. These are actually heating elements, which get the water in which they are submerged to a temperature that doesn’t allow it to freeze. It doesn’t make it warm; it just keeps it at a level at which it will not become ice.

Stock Tank HeaterA stock tank heater or a deicer will allow you to offer your horses and cattle the needed water whenever they want it. In many cases, deicers and heaters will be controlled thermostatically, so they work only when they detect really low temperatures, which would cause the water to freeze. By working only when they’re needed you save quite a bit of energy, while insuring that your cattle have all the water they needed even in the harshest winter nights.

In many areas, people that own livestock or horses will use stock tanks made out of galvanized metal to water their animals. During the winter, they will use a stock tank heater to make sure the water doesn’t freeze. Usually, the heater will come with a thermostat, which it uses to turn it off and on, depending on the temperature outside. During a typical winter, such a heater can add to your electric bill around $100.

When it comes to making sure that the cattle’s water doesn’t freeze, this method doesn’t seem like the most environmentally friendly way, nor is it the cheapest. Usually these stock tanks don’t come with any insulation. Since the air and the ground touch the tank and the surface area of the water is large, they lose plenty of heat by evaporation.

In some cases, the stock tank heater will float on top of the water, while in others it will stay submerged and it will have protection, so the cattle can’t interfere with it. When you buy one, you need to look for a number of things, including how durable it is, whether it has cord protectors that can’t be chewed by animals, how much power they consume and the warranty you receive.

If you plan to use the heater in a plastic tank, you should make sure it has a guard, so it doesn’t come in contact with the plastic material. If it doesn’t have a guard, check the specifications, to find out if it’s safe to use in plastic stock tanks, or it’s just for the ones made out of metal.

Besides use for the cattle’s water, a stock tank heater can also be used in small ponds, to make sure they don’t freeze. With a proper heater, you can insure that it remains ice free during the entire period. Obviously, not every model that works in a stock tank will also work in a pond, and there are special models built specifically for pond use.

The price of a stock tank heater is usually below $100, though more advanced or powerful models do exist.


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