Plastic Stock Tanks

Not all stock tanks are made from steel. Some of the plastic stock tanks that are most common are those made by HiQual, High Country, Rubbermaid or Behlen. One of the things you need to pay attention to when you’re looking for a plastic stock tank is how many inset steps have been used for the side stiffening and the size of the stock tank.

One of the differences between plastic and metal stock tanks is that the plastic ones are easier to drain, thanks to the sloped sides. You will also find it easier to move a plastic tank, since it is much lighter than a metal one. Another advantage besides the weight is that it doesn’t rust like metal, so it’s much more durable and doesn’t need to be replaced every couple of years.

Plastic Stock TanksTo be honest here, the durability of a plastic tank isn’t set in stone, and some say that a metal tank can be just as durable. Some people will prefer how a metal stock tank looks like for example, plus building decking around it isn’t as easy since the plastic tank has the side at an angle.

Besides the obvious use as a source of water for farm animals, a plastic stock tank can also be used as a soaking tub. The depth of the tank is around 25 inches, while the material used is polyethylene that is resistant to UV. Usually the edge at the top will have a rolled rim, which makes it more comfortable to put your neck on it. Because they have sloping sides, insulating these stock tanks can prove to be difficult. Still, people that like plastic tanks have made them work just fine, some by using foam comfort pads in them.

Out of the plastic stock tank brands that are most important, HiQual and High Country are actually made in the same factory, so there aren’t many differences between them, except for the bigger versions made by High Country. The Rubbermaid ones are easier to find, while the Behlen brand is new, so still an unknown.

If you want to know the difference between two plastic stock tanks, look at the inset steps which are used to stiffen them.

Plastic Stock Tank Pro’s

These tanks come with sloping sides and many people will enjoy them better than the ones from metal stock tanks, which are vertical. They also have a top rim that is rounded, so you can keep your neck and arms on it.

They’re easier to move than metal tanks, since they are lighter

They are said to have a longer life, but since they’re not that old, it can’t be said with certainty just yet. Most likely, you will be able to use a plastic stock tank for at least a decade before the heat and sun start wrecking havoc on them.

Plastic Stock Tanks Con’s

In some cases, people prefer looking at a metal tank instead of a plastic one. It might not matter if you buy it so that cattle have water, but for a soaking tub looks matter.

You have problems installing insulation because of the angled steps and the slope. Wood skirting is also problematic in a plastic tank. In some cases, it’s been said that people used wooden frameworks that were squared to surround the tank.


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