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In most cases, a stock tank will be made out of steel that is electro galvanized. These stock tanks come with sides that are straight, and corrugation done on the sides, for extra strength. They also have a top rim with a diameter of around one inch, which is rolled, so you can easily put your neck or arms on it. The perimeter at the bottom comes with a seam that is crimped locked, just like you would see on a tin can. Usually they have a depth of around 24 inches (60 cm), sufficient to use it as a tub and get the water up to the shoulders. If you want a comparison, a regular bath tub is around 16 inches deep. The stock tanks made out of metal usually have either a oblong or round shape.

Metal Stock TanksWhen you want to buy a metal stock tank, there are a number of things you should look for, and they are explained below.

First of all, do you prefer using a certain brand? Like with any other product, there are quality stock tanks and there are the ones that aren’t worth the money you pay for them. If you’re looking for stock tanks to use as bath tubs, you will need to take a look at the lateral corrugation size, which is done to stiffen it. If the corrugation is too large, you shouldn’t get it, since you will hit your back on it as you lean on the tank’s side. Another issue is that if the corrugations are large, you will not be able to flatten them, when you install the circulation ports.

Another important thing to take in consideration is the size. You need to be careful here, as metal tanks will be kept one inside another, to occupy less space. A larger one will keep smaller sized stock tanks, so the size which is stamped on its side might not be accurate when you look inside. You should get a measuring tape with you, so you can make sure the size is right. When you’re looking for an oblong stock tank for two people, you should choose the outer tank, which should be larger.

While plastic tanks are usually the same, metal made ones will vary in quality more, so pay attention to what you’re buying. Metal stock tanks will cost less than plastic ones in most cases, and the inner surface has a nice feel to it, as you will notice yourself.

The problem with metal tanks is their durability, which is affected by the rust. Whether the water is hard or not will determine the amount of time you will be able to use it. The chlorine and the minerals found in the water will end up corroding the tank’s sides. Usually a metal stock tank will last at least 5 years, but usually not more than 10 years. You can boost its life by using zinc plating instead of a regular steel one. The problem is that even the zinc plating will eventually wear off and your metal tank will begin to get rusty. You will need to change it regularly, but considering the small price, it’s still worth buying and using. Whether you would prefer a plastic tank instead is entirely up to you.


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