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Welcome to Steelcom Stock Tank Center, your source for steel stock tanks and accessories. What are stock tanks? Stock tanks are usually used to hold drinking water at farms, for horses or cattle. Their size can be as small as 30 gallons and as large as 1500 gallons. In most cases, these stock tanks used at farms are made from galvanized steel. To fill them up with water, farmers use creeks, springs, windmills or pumps. In some cases, you can use melting snow or rain to fill them up with fresh water.

They are vessels that are quite large, with bottoms that are flat, designed specifically for livestock watering. Since they need to stand up to cattle and horses, they are durable and well built, so they can resist for years of everyday use, in all types of weather. However, there are a number of other uses for stock tanks, like soaking tubs.

Stock TanksYou can also use stock tanks during fairs, filling them up with ice, so you can keep bottles and cans of beverages. You can also keep watermelons cold in stock tanks. One other use is to keep minnows, which is what some tackle shops do.

Some people use stock tanks made out of metal, to create a cheaper hot tub, instead of buying one. You can use a number of different types of heating methods for a tub, which includes a wood stove that can be submersed.

You can also use stock tanks to keep aquatic creatures inside, like frogs or turtles. If you want to keep turtles like the red eared sliders, you should know that they need a minimum of ten water gallons for each inch of the shell’s length. Since they can reach lengths of up to 30 cm (12 inches), you need quite a bit of water to hold them, so stock tanks make perfect sense, especially if you want to avoid paying for a regular tank, with a capacity of over 100 gallons.

Buying a stock tank
You will find stock tanks in most feed stores. Many of them will have both plastic and metal stock tanks, so you can decide which one you want on the spot. If you want to use it for a hot tub, you might want to get inside one of them, to get a better idea of its size and how it feels. You should also have a tape measure with you, so you can check its dimensions.

Soaking tubs made out of stock tanks

To make a cheap soaking tub, you need a regular stock tank used by farmers and a heater. They are good tubs because their surface is smooth, they can hold water at the level of the shoulder and they have a top rim that is rounded and comfortable when you rest your neck on it. Some people think that it looks tacky or crude, but you can add a deck around it, wooden screen and a cedar frame, making it look great.

Some of the advantages of using a stock tank for a soaking tub are their weight, which makes them easy to move, their simplicity, since they have no parts that are moving, and their price, since you spend less than $100 to get one. You can also drain them easily when needed, since they have a low volume. You can even drain them every day if you want, to make sure the water is clean when you use it.


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